RE: [gardeners] Source for 4" pots

Margaret Lauterbach (
Thu, 18 Sep 1997 11:40:02 -0700

At 09:26 AM 9/18/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Thanks to everyone who responded.  I've now got 4" pots on the way.
>Margaret, didn't your soil blocker come with a recipe for soil to use 
>in it?  A lot of people swear by them.  I've thought about using the 
>medium and large size ones but it's one of those things about not 
>wanting to spend the money unless I'm sure they're what I want (and 
>how could I know that until after I buy and use them).
>I guess we're all still looking for the perfect container and the 
>perfect medium to fill it with.
As I recall, they offered to sell me their potting soil.  No.  I mix mine
with a cement mixer.  Use about 4 to 5 garbage cans of potting soil each
spring.  Theirs is also expensive.  Margaret