RE: [gardeners] tomato, chile cuttings

Lillian Kepp (
Thu, 18 Sep 97 19:49:41 PDT

On Thu, 18 Sep 1997 11:40:04 -0700  Margaret Lauterbach wrote:
>Has anyone on this list taken cuttings of a tomato plant, rooted 
them and
>brought them inside for the winter?  Seems to me it would be faster 
>planting a seed.  Do you take the cutting back to the "trunk"?  
Trim off
>any "heel"?  How about taking chile stem cuttings?  Some of my 
chiles are
>larger than I want to bring inside.  I'm digging up and bringing in 
>4, but I have some Ajis that are about 4 feet tall and just now 
budding.  I
>think they're already two years old.  Sigh.  Margaret

Last fall, I took the advice I saw on chile-heads.  Take cuttings 
from the chile plants from "new growth".  Make sure you have four 
leaves and cut from the plant on an angle.  I stuck the end in 
rooting hormone (compound?) and planted in six pack holders.  A
lot of them took hold.  I would have had a nice bunch of plants 
except I forgot about them over Christmas they didn't get watered.
It did make some nice compost. :)

As you probably know what's nice about the cuttings is that if
you have a nice plant with hard to find seeds, and feel that
maybe the chiles have cross-pollinated, the cutting makes a clone
of the plant.  If you can get it to grow indoors over winter, then 
you can make more cuttings from it in the spring and have more 
plants to put out.