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Seyfried,Alice (
Tue, 23 Sep 1997 10:33:15 -0400

What a wonderful idea!  I hadn't thought about giving herbs as Christmas
gifts.  They would be lovely wrapped up in a basket, or painted
terracotta flower pot (to keep with the garden theme). Add a little
raffia, maybe a pretty scrap of Christmas fabric in the bottom for
color, and you're all set. 

Now I wish I had grown more this summer. :(  Oh well, there's always
next year.  

Alice in London, Ohio (zone 6) who just realized she needs to start
thinking about Christmas (yikes!)

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	>Are you saying that you will use **2 gallons +** of dried basil
in a
	Nay, nay, being often short of ready cash we send herb packets
out at Xmas
	to friends and relatives. Always have requests for more basil.
In addition I
	make flavored vinegars with various herbs for personal use and
for gifts. I
	do use a lot of basil though, sauces, broiled chicken, etc.
	restraints keep me from using salt so I flavor with yarbs.