Re: [gardeners] Rain

Jane Burdekin (
Wed, 24 Sep 1997 09:36:53 -0700

>It started raining at 12:30 am Monday night and is still raining as of this
>writing. According to the local news and the foot tub I left out in the
>yard, we have gotten 4 inches of rain in that time. We needed the rain but
>now it is starting to leave standing water and it's time for it to abate. We
>still got stuff to plant in the fall garden. I may be forced into doing a
>sun dance before it's all over.

There is hope, we have had clouds and rain since Friday last, and today the
sun is out, beautiful.  Of course there are some lurking clouds over the
mountain that have me a little worried.  I had filled up, actually
overfilled, a watering can, and 2 buckets under the skylight that broke
back in July on the back deck.  We are definately not used to that kind of

Glad to see your message, I haven't gotten any since yesterday afternoon
from either gardens or gardeners.  Starting to have withdrawl symptoms

Good luck with the rain.  Jane