Re: [gardeners] Freeze

Terry King (
Wed, 01 Oct 97 23:41:06 -0700

So far we've had down to 28F.  I covered my sweet 100's with 1 layer of 
reemay and two cotton sheets and they came through fine.

Today we've had San Francisco weather, grey and damp with fine rain.  Today 
smelled like an October day should, cottonwood balsm, wood smoke, rain, damp 
earth, all with just a slightly nippy 50F and wind.


On Wed, 01 Oct 1997 21:12:46 -0400, wrote:

>Tonight it is supposed to go down to freezing, at least in the countryside.
> I have some cherry tomatoes which we just covered with
>this going to hold them?  They have been ok at 5 degrees -- that's celsius
>and about 38 F.