[gardeners] Vitex Resembling Cannabis

Cheryl & Erich Schaefer (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 9 Oct 1997 20:13:27 -0400

I have to comment on the looks of vitex. It wouldn't do to grow it around
here, now that I think of it. A few weeks ago the helicopters were flying
around furiously over the square mile just behind us. Apparently the in
thing is growing cannabis in amongst the corn. Three hundred fifty plants
were found on the first day over a few hundred acres - but no growers were
arrested. Theyv'e been back some since but no word on more finds. That was
in the square mile we inhabit and I'm sure this mile is no different than
the others in this area. Haven't seen this much action around here in all
the nine years we've been here combined. I'd hate to get arrested for
growing vitex. ;-)

>>I can come close, but not exactly buddleia, Cheryl.  I have a 4 foot tall
>>vitex shrub, which attracts butterflies, and was started from seeds
>>purchased from Richter's.  I just looked in their catalog and was surprised
>>to see they say it's a tender perennial, good to zone 6.  I think it's
>>hardier than that, since at best I'm in zone 5, and on average of every ten
>>years it drops to zone 4.  The shrub has died back at times, back to the
>>ground in my friend's garden, but it came back from the roots.  Nice little
>>shrub, but the leaves look like...Cannabis .  Best, Margaret

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