Re: [gardeners] Seed order arrived!!

George Shirley (
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 17:00:19

At 02:53 PM 10/22/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Catharine Vinson <> wrote:
>Yall do know that Catharine has about 250 acres to plant, right?  
>She's not getting all these seeds (just as a *start* on the new 
>year's garden) for any puny little one or two acre affair.  
>Isn't that right, Catharine?
>Who swears she's going to just start dropping by Catharine's place 
>for her spring babies
>> The order from Select Seeds (they only sell antique 
>> flowers) arrived today. Here's the damage report....
>> Hollyhocks (all singles) - Fig, Assorted, Nigra (Black), 'Indian Spring', 
>> 'Triumph', Rugose, Heritage Peach.
>> Sweet Peas - Cupani's, 'Black Knight'
>> Poppies - 'White Swan' White, Rose Fringed, Black Peony, Pink Peony.
>> Morning Glories - 'Kniola Purple-Black',  'Flying Saucers'
>> Columbines - 'Munstead White', 'Grandmother's Garden' 
>> Other goodies: 'Cranberry Island' Nicotiana, Great flowered Lavatera, 
>> Angelica, Brinze Fennel, Chinese Foxglove, Apple of Peru, Mexican Giant 
>> Hyssop, Variagated Honesty, Lilac Vervain, Castor Oil Bean, Texas Star 
>> Hibiscus, Italian Alkanet, Tina James 'Magic' Evening Primrose, Blue 
>> Woodruff, Goat's Beard Spirea, 'Mont Blanc' Lavatera.
>> I luv excess!
>> Catharine, Atlanta/ zone 7b, awaiting the goodies from Territorial and 
>> finished transplanting 100+ lettuce and baby pac choi plants today.
Shucks, me, Momma, and the darling doggie are just thinking of moving in
with her. It's obvious she grows enough stuff to feed several bodies and
feast a lot more minds with beauteous flowers.