Re: [gardeners] Anyone Home

George Shirley (
Wed, 29 Oct 1997 14:14:46

At 10:45 AM 10/30/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Anyone home or are we down?
I'm home and got your message so we must not be down. 

Went to the nursery today to pick up a few extra broccoli plants. Ha!!
Bought replacement French Thyme to put in the pot I killed the June beetle
grubs from. Also got some French Tarragon to help out my Mexican Tarragon
and, here's the kicker, bought a 12-inch bay tree, laurus nobilis, for
$5.00!!! Now I gotta find a big pot to put it in. Had bought a tiny bay
last year but it didn't survive. Managed to salvage enough of my
lemon-scented thyme to, possibly, regrow the big pot full I used to have
before the grubs ate all the roots off.

Anne bought some extra cabbage plants too. I had mentioned maybe making my
own kraut again and she remembered the stuff I made years ago as good so!
The winter garden is growing well - bok choy is up about 2 inches, the fava
beans (first time we've grown these - weird looking bean plants) are about
6 or 7 inches tall, the green beans are about 10 inches, the carrots are
growing like teensy feather dusters, the kohlrabi is doing well, the
elephant garlic is up about 4 inches, the regular garlic is up about 2
inches, the beets either didn't come up or something ate them when they
did. We'll be harvesting radishes by next week, the Longhorn peppers are
covered with peppers and blooms, the serrano chiles are heavy with fruit
and blooms, and the sweet bells are about done. Can't complain about the
sweet bells, took a little over a bushel off of 4 plants, pretty fair
return on stuff we planted from freebie seed. The cukes, at least one set,
are doing okay, the other set died out with mildew so pulled them today
(that's where the extra cabbage is going). The torenias, pinks, and violas
are still doing well out front as is the artemesia(sp?) Powis Castle.
There's a world of other flowers that only Miz Anne knows the name of (not
me and Sleepy) blooming up a storm. Gotta love this cool weather, the
furnace is on, I wore a heavy jacket (for SW Louisiana - a coaches jacket)
to work this morning along with long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. The
pup is frisky and so am I. <VBG>

How does your garden grow?