Re: [gardeners] How is your fall?

Barbara Jackson (
Wed, 29 Oct 1997 18:51:42 -0600

At 16:06 29/10/97 +0000, you wrote:
>How is fall in your part of the country?  Is there anything that 
>blooms now besides mums and asters?
Hi Liz,

Here is a report from prairie Canada, zone 3.

Up until last Friday we had a few light frosts but asters, shasta daisies,
malvas and foxgloves were still blooming in addition to a couple cosmos and
a wildflower shade mix.  Woke up Friday morning and everything was frosted
and limp!  It was too cold to work outside all weekend and so I guess I'll
be finishing the fall cleanup this weekend (hope it's warmer).  The trees
are mostly bare now, leaves all shredded and spread over the veggie bed and
the hedge cut back.  Temps are up over the freezing mark (but not by much)
this week and the little ghosties and ghoulies should have a snow free night
Friday.  It's the first year in a long time we haven't had snow on the
ground for Hallowe'en.

I do have a question though.  Many of my lillies were green when they got
hit by old Jack Frost.  Same thing with my glads.  Can I go ahead and cut
down the dead foliage now?  The glads have to be dug and stored over winter
here but I haven't a clue when to do it.  The only experience I have with
lillies is asiatics that the stalk goes brown and can easily be pulled out.
These are aurailians (sp)(I think) and they haven't turned brown and I want
to do it right. Any advice?



Barbara Jackson
"Sunny" Manitoba  (but mighty cool in the mornings these days!)
Zone 3