Re: [gardeners] Obsessions

Heather Hallworth (
Sun, 2 Nov 1997 22:08:45 -0800

I have several obsessions but the main one is collecting every perennial
geranium I
can get my hands on.  I have about 30 different ones.  I just love them.
Heather on Vancouver Island

>Lets take a shot at a thread that everyone who gardens probably 
>holds near and dear to his or her heart:  obsessions.  Some folks are 
>obsessed with tomatoes and basil, some with chiles, some with unusual 
>herbs or spiky pink flowers or even garden "art" -- the schlockier 
>the better.  What's yours and how did you get it?
>I'll kick off with my obsession:  fragrant plants.  I adore plants 
>with strong odors (except for the vile smelling ones).  This is a new 
>fixation with me and I'm having fun with it.  So far it has lead me 
>to trying different kinds of heliotrope (the whites are the strongest 
>scented), various dianthus, oriental lilies, unusual sweet peas, 
>night scented stocks, nicotianas and roses to name a few.  The 
>obsession with scent has lead me to old garden roses with one strong 
>flush of bloom and flower forms that are very different from modern 
>hybrid teas and floribundas.  I'm putting togethor a border of 
>various pinks interplanted with dwarf baby's breath with several 
>different lavenders (and lavender cotton) for height and texture.
>This has begun to spill into the vegetable gardening.  I now find 
>myself sniffing the tomato leaves and bruising the arugula for it's 
>fragrance.  My new goal is to put togethor a bed over the next two 
>years that will feature only highly scented plants.  
>Ah, addictions!  They lend a form to a life.