[gardeners] In the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 30 Nov 1997 07:52:03

It's a cool, bright day here in SW Louisiana. Miz Anne's still abed and the
pup and I have been fed, read the Sunday papers, and the pup is taking a
little practice nap before lunch. It's about 60F with light winds, partly
cloudy with lots of sunshine for a fall day.

Last night we had a lean pork roast with green beans and a salad from the
garden. Green beans were from the spring batch as the fall beans are just
now setting fruit. The fava's and green beans are in full bloom, the
lettuce is large enough to make a decent salad, the chard and kale is at
the eating stage and the second crop of radishes are coming on. The chile's
are still producing, albeit slower than during the late summer. This year I
chopped and froze 12 quart bags of sweet peppers, 7 bags of mild to hot
chiles, put up 2 quarts of fermented pepper sauce, 10 half-pints of pickled
chiles, and gave away about 2 bushels of assorted peppers. Not too shabby
off of 1 Longhorn (similar to Corno di Toro), 6 serrano, 4 jalapeno, and 4
bell plants. If only the tomatoes had done as well. The beets are swelling,
the carrots are growing well, and the kohlrabi is about ready for picking.
Wonder of wonders, we've had two light frosts this month and my volunteer
papaya plants are still growing.

The herbs and the tender perennials are in a temporary green house and are
doing well. I have the Cuban and Puerto Rican oreganos, along with the Bay
tree, under the lights in my office and they are still agrowing.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with our daughter and her teenagers and had a
short visit with our son and his spouse while in Houston. Sleepy the dawg
was mighty happy to get back home, she has been catching up on her sleep
since Friday night, making up for the hours she spent guarding us while in
a strange place. Miz Anne and I were also right happy to be back home,
amidst our "stuff" and our gardens. Hope all of you had a good holiday and
are prepared for the next one.

George, Anne, and Sleepy D. Shirley