Re: [gardeners] Pod / Bible Corn

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sun, 14 Dec 1997 07:55:46 -0700

>>Zea mais or Teosinte seed is available from native seeds/SEARCH, but not
>>the mutant version.  BTW, Kay, I still don't know why your name/address
>>hangs up in my mailing program.  I have to delete your name/address to get
>>a post sent out.  Best, Margaret
>That's weird, I haven't had problem one with Kay's address. Must be your
>mailer program.
Every few days Kay's mail bounces, and the mailer says they'll keep trying
for four more days.  Then the mail vanishes, so I assume they've connected.
 But yesterday, wherever her address was in the list, it would hang on that
one and just flat out stop.  My mailer wouldn't send anything else until
that post had been sent, but it would not send anything, but stop on Kay.
If I deleted her name, everything went out smoothly.  I suspect it's my
service provider.  I'm waiting to call support on Monday, when the regular
people are there, to see if there's a problem they can clear.  Margaret