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>I subscribe to so many lists at this time of year, that it is nice
>to see no messages sometimes so that I can jump to the 
>next one.  Well, I received no messages from globalgardens
>for 8 weeks, and I was starting to think that something had
>happened to Lillian, and that the list was dead.
>So, I posted that piece last week as sort of a test, and when
>I did not see my post, then I knew that the list was down.  So,
>I wrote a note to Lillian just for confirmation.  To my surprise,
>she wrote back.
>It turns out that I was dead, not the list.  I don't know how it
>happened, but I became unsubscribed.  I have just finished
>reviewing the last 15 digests which I downloaded from the ftp
>site.  That is a great service.
>So, I sent a message to subscribe again only to find the
>that Lillian had resubscribed me.  The computer sent me a
>message to the effect that I was already subscribed.  Now
>this is really a great service.  If you don't see any messages
>for two days - just subscribe.  Lillian's computer will tell you
>right away whether you missed any action.  Another great
>service.  Thank you Lillian.
>I'm baack; tight-lipped as usual, but that is because I have to
>hold in all that compost.