RE: [gardeners] Ponds

Lillian Kepp (
Fri, 19 Dec 97 02:29:50 PST

On Sat, 13 Dec 97 02:13:44 PST  Lillian Kepp wrote:
>I've been told for my little 125 gallon pond to put the plants in 
>the bottom to keep them over the winter (it is deep enough for 
>so it should be deep enough for plants.
>Then to keep the pond from freezing, I'm to keep the pump on to 
>provide "running" water so the pond doesn't freeze solid.  The
>man says running water doesn't freeze.  Why doesn't running water 
>freeze?  I have seen pictures of Niagra Falls frozen over and it's
>a little bigger than my pond. :)
>What is the best way to keep the pond over winter in southern
>Ohio, anybody know?
>Lillian Kepp

A friend posted this message on another list, and the answers she 
got were mainly to buy a heating element for the pond.  Now, I don't 
want to spend more heating the pond than I spent on the pond, so 
does anyone else have any suggestions?

I know if I don't do something, the pond water may freeze completely 
and crack the pre-formed shape.  If I drain the pond, the ground 
around it may freeze and push on the pre-formed shape and crack it.
Looks like I could be cracked up one way or the other.

I am told that putting some thing like a pile of rocks in it, so 
that they come up out of the water will cause the ice to follow the 
rocks and heave up there instead of busticating my liner.  Anybody 
know if this will work?

Lillian Kepp