Re: [gardeners] In the Garden

George Shirley (
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 08:19:18

At 02:46 AM 12/19/97 PST, Lillian Kepp wrote:
>On Wed, 17 Dec 1997 20:57:04 +0000  Catharine Vinson wrote:
>>Cheryl wrote:
>>> I know that. And what's more, I'm sure they know that. But we 
>>> encourage them lest they really think the south will rise again. 
>:-) Every
>>> time I hear one of them "speak" I feel like a damn yankee. :-))
>>Awwwww, gee, I mean the South has just gotta rise again. I've been 
>>savin' my hoop petticoats and dangly ear bobs in anticipation of 
>once more 
>>entertaining the Tarlton twins at the annual Roast a Yankee 
>After the second annual roast, were there any twins left?
>And what do you do with left over Tarlton Roast?
How many of you know who the real Tarleton was? What connection to American
history and, more specifically, to Georgia history?

George, feeling historical this morning