Re: [gardeners] Xmas Gifts

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sun, 28 Dec 1997 08:04:12 -0700

>Nope, no mistake Margaret. Miz Anne and I have composted just horse pucky
>and leaves for years. If the horse pucky is aged add a little high nitrogen
>fertilizer to each layer to accelerate the heating process. One year we
>composted about 5 acres worth of oak leaves along with shredded newspaper
>and aged horse manure. Had a pile about 15 feet across and several feet
>high and accelerated it with ammonium nitrate. In 3 weeks it was half the
>size and had begun "smoking" the next day. May not be strictly organic but
>it works for us in our high rainfall area.
>I gave Miz Anne a book on tree identification and she "allowed" me to order
>Hill and Barclays "Southern Herb Growing" from I was getting
>tired of borrowing my daughter's copy. I, uh, accidently bought two other
>herb books while I was at it. As we're talking about books, does anyone
>know where I can get a copy of the "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs"
>published by the Herb Society of America? It's the big thick jobby that
>costs about $40.00. Should have gotten it while Books A Million had it but
>delayed because of the cost. (This from the guy who cheerfully spent
>$125.00 for professional books.) Since December 26, 1997 was our 37th
>wedding anniversary I gave Miz Anne a flannel nightgown and she gave me
>several hours labor in developing a new herb bed. I can't do much digging
>and pulling anymore due to angina pain but my lady is still young and
>strong. Gotta go, my daughter and her youngun's are coming in today to
>spend the day with us. My little girl is 36 today, seems like it was just
>yesterday I was powdering her butt.
I got mine for about half price through Costco, George.  I'm keeping my eye
open there for you, and I'll grab one if it comes back on the table.  Best,