Re: [gardeners] Wish List

jaime (
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 19:50:16 -0400

> Folks, I really did do in ALL my seeds and in looking at the catalogs, I'm
> not going to be able to have quite as good a time as I'd like replacing
> them. If anyone can spare just a few seeds of any of the following, I'll
> return the postage with many thanks:
> Butternut, Delicata or any winter Squash
> Any greens, esp. spinach, lettuces, kale, chard
> Any tomatoes
> Love those green thighs :-)
> Any everlastings/flowers for cutting

Cheryl, I have leafy greens of incredible variety, at least 
1/2 dozen varieties of beans, peas, summer squash (no winter 
squash), lots of cutting flowers and everlastings.  Also herbs 
and more I can't recall offhand.  More than pleased to share.  
I'll send you a list tomorrow.

Happy New Year to you and all.