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Wed, 31 Dec 1997 20:38:48 -0400

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> >Cheryl, you do realize, of course, that while postage is not
> >necessary, growing 'Bright Lights' *is*.  <G>
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> >jaime
> Thanks, Jaime! I know. I was just shy about asking for it specifically.

Oh my!
You musn't be shy.  

> When I added up just replacing the basics, I was jarred by the expense,
> even sticking just to Pinetree. 

No s&^t!  I spent over $200 on seeds last year!!!!!!!!!!  Utter 
insanity.  Well ... ok, we know that.  But still.  Problem is, a 
like a lot of variety and don't plant a lot of each - with a few 
exceptions.  Anyhow.  'Tis pricey indeed.

> My seed stash was enormous.

A terrible thing, a sense of loss.  Weee-eeell, I'll betcha 
somewheres along the way you just might be dividing sumpin' I'd 
crawl up north for.  ;-)