Re: [gardeners] Catalogs

George Shirley (
Fri, 09 Jan 1998 18:24:05

At 03:50 PM 1/9/98 -0700, you wrote:
>At 09:32 AM 1/9/98, you wrote:
>>The catalogs have been flooding in for the last week or ten days. So far
>>we've gotten:
>>Park Seed		Johnny's		Pinetree		
>>Wilhite			Select Seeds		Territorial		
>>Tomato Growers Supply	Shepherd's		Gardens Alive
>>Gurney's		Henry Field's		Lee Valley Garden Tools
>>Liberty Seed		Burpee			Richters
>>Fox Hollow		R. H. Shumway's
>>I'm almost afraid to go to the mail box anymore, they're coming in batches
>>of two or three at a time. One day we got five!! I must be on a mailing
>>list. <VBG>
>>Decisions, decisions, don't really need anymore seed and trying to be
>>strong but it's a terrible temptation. I could end up like Catharine Vinson
>>and have a #3 wash tub full of seed packets. Hep me, hep me.
>George, do Pinetree or Fox Hollow have web sites?  Friend and I have been
>waiting for those catalogs.  Margaret
Fox Hollow has a toll free number but no web page - 888-548-SEED. Pine Tree
doesn't show a web page either but has email address - and toll free at 888-52-SEEDS. I ordered from
Fox Hollow but not from Pine Tree last year. I like Fox Hollow because they
have lesser quantities of seeds at a lower price, ie 30 seeds for 75 cents.
Good for a small veggie garden like ours.