RE: [gardeners] Re: Bathroom catalogs

Lillian Kepp (
Sat, 10 Jan 98 19:30:07 PST

On Wed, 7 Jan 1998 23:54:28 -0600 (CST)  Bob Kirk wrote:
>>Lillian, who has stacked all her garden catalogs on the back of 
the >toilet
>   Geez, couldn't you use all the left-over Christmas mail order 
>instead? Or find a Sears big book at an auction? Sure they're 
>but just one ought to last the rest of the winter.


Don't need the catalogs for that purpose.  Learned from Jimbo a long 
time ago to keep all the corncobs in the tub and just grab one when 
needed.  Sure does make for a crowded bath, but what the heck.  What 
works, works. :)