[gardeners] Lipstick Plant

Lillian Kepp (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 10 Jan 98 19:38:08 PST

Took a walk in the garden today.

I had blooms on my Lipstick Plant!!  Couldn't believe it.
It is a perennial, but I didn't think I would have any blooms
in January.

Even tho annuals the Snapdragons are still living also, but no 

I love walking around now and seeing all the "green".  Makes me 
think spring is just around the corner.

I took my grandson for a walk the other day.  Got up to about 65 
degrees F. here in south central Ohio.  Showed him where his garden 
will be.  Showed him all the "green" plants and told him about all 
of them. But most of all, showed him my "little red wagon" that I'll 
pull him around in this spring and summer.  Then we sat and on the 
swing and he fell asleep.  He was either very pleased or just sick 
of all that garden talk. :)

Oh, I bought him a pair of jeans and little jacket for our walk.  
Didn't want him to start out without garden duds on. !   He'll be 
three months on the 22nd.  Can't get them started too soon!

Do I get any credit for my !!! marks?