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Wed, 14 Jan 1998 13:27:29 +0000

Cheryl wrote:

> I clearly missed something. What is Black from Tula? Cheryl

It's an O.P. tomato I grew last year. Of the approximately 75 
different varieties, it and Dinner Plate were the two best in taste. 
Black from Tula was the most productive of all tomatoes. It is a 
Russian variety...much tastier and better producing than Black Krim 
(a good one, by the way). Average yield of 12 ounce tomatoes per 
plant was between 30-40. Produced from late-May through September. I 
was very impressed with it. I've told Fox Hollow about it and they 
said they would grow it this year to produce seed. Am also going to 
send seed to SESE. A tomato this good deserves to be better known.