[gardeners] Seeds

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 17:56:02

Got my seed orders off today, either via internet, email, or 800 number.
About $18.00 worth, which is a lot for a small garden. Tomatoes - ordered
Dinner Plate, Heatwave II, Amish Paste, Golden Queen, and Tumbler (gonna
try Tumbler in some hanging baskets on the patio). Already had Yellow Plum
seed left from last year. Also ordered Cucuzzi gourd, Green Striped Cushaw
(green-striped pumpkin), both to be eaten young like summer squash. Ordered
some Sweet Burpless cucumbers from Burpee, Anne likes them and we've still
got lots of pickles and relish from the 1997 season. Gonna get some Scarlet
Runner beans and Hyacinth beans and plant them on teepees made of bamboo
from a friends yard. Some of his bamboo is 20 feet tall and 2 inches at the
butt. Figure growing them that way will be kinda neat for the neighborhood
kids, I'm trying to tame the little red-headed hellion that lives behind
us, it's either that or kill him. <BG>Almost forgot the 4 or 5 bucks worth
of herb seeds that were ordered from Richter's.

It's been misting rain all day and it's also turning colder, supposed to be
35F in the morning with a 5 knot NNE wind. May not seem cold to you Yankees
and other cold-blooded folks but here in SW Louisiana it will be bitter,
too much moisture in the air.

The fava beans are finally starting to make beans. We thought maybe we
could climb them to see the giant the way they have been growing. If
there's a bean for each bloom we will be able to feed the community. These
things are four feet tall, the stalks are more than an inch in diameter at
the base and there's a bloom all the way around the stalk and up every two
inches. The green beans are still producing but are slowing up. The fall
tomatoes have bitten the dust and it appears the last of the chiles has
also gone to meet its maker. To much rain followed by chilling weather I
guess. The lettuce and the various greens are still producing mightily. A
good thing I guess, went to the supermarket today and they had red and
green oak leaf lettuce for $2.49 a bunch. Looked up the produce manager and
asked if he wanted to buy a couple of flats at half that. He thought I was
kidding so I invited him to come by tomorrow. I think we've got about a
hundred bucks worth growing along the fence. I'm having visions of that
Mantis tiller I would like to have but reckon I'll get the T-bird fixed if
I can sell some lettuce.

Got a big pot of giant limas with onion, garlic, a couple of serrano
chiles, and turkey tasso cooking. Y'all come.