Re: [gardeners] Seeds

George Shirley (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 06:52:34

At 09:39 PM 1/15/98 +0000, you wrote:
>George Shirley <> wrote:
>> Got my seed orders off today, either via internet, email, or 800
>> number. About $18.00 worth, which is a lot for a small garden.
>> Tomatoes - ordered Dinner Plate, Heatwave II, Amish Paste, Golden
>> Queen, and Tumbler (gonna try Tumbler in some hanging baskets on the
>> patio). Already had Yellow Plum seed left from last year. Also
>> ordered Cucuzzi gourd, Green Striped Cushaw (green-striped pumpkin),
>> both to be eaten young like summer squash. Ordered some Sweet
>> Burpless cucumbers from Burpee, Anne likes them and we've still got
>> lots of pickles and relish from the 1997 season.
>Dang, George.  Didn't ya order any green thigh seeds?  Do I need to 
>order some from Johnny's and mail 'em to ya or what?
>Yall remember the Giant Mutant Squashoid?  Never to be intimidated by 
>the unknown, the Bulb Witch (my neighbor of Victory Temple fame) 
>saved some seeds from one of those giant northwest squashes -- a 
>sweetmeat or sugar lump or whatever they call those blue squashes.  
>Territorial and Nichols sell the seeds.  Anyway, my point to her was 
>that she grew those and spaghetti squash, blue hubbard, yellow 
>crookneck and rolly polly zucchini, the neighbor between us grew two 
>kinds of pumpkins and waltham butternut while I grew those thighs.  
>God alone knows what those seeds are going to make.  She's going to 
>plant them anyway with complete faith that she's going to get those 
>same big blue squash off the plants.  
>I've already bought film for the camera.  
>Anyway, if you want some of those seeds I'll get some from Johnny's 
>for you.  If I order any seeds this year.
Didn't save the post with the name of the thighs. Remind me and I'll order
a packet. Still bet the squash borers get them though. I ordered some
killer nematodes too, gotta get some of these grubs dead. No problem with
cabbage worms this year so far. Between picking them off and spraying with
bt we must be getting them.