Re: [gardeners] Seeds

Margaret Lauterbach (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 09:52:34 -0700

>>I received the March edition of Kitchen Garden magazine yesterday, and a
>>photo of 'Lacinato' Kale (which I hadn't heard of before) shows a vial
>>upside down on a stick, balanced over the kale.  Caption says the "cotton
>>ball in the vial is soaked with camphor oil to repel cabbage looper moths."
>> The stick must be anchored in the ground at an angle, so the other end is
>>slightly angled, but centered over the plant.  Hmmm.  I wonder if it even
>>protects the outer leaves.  Camphor is strong-smelling stuff.  My Dad used
>>to lard his hands with Camphor Ice just before he sat down at the table for
>>dinner.  Everything tasted like camphor ice, which may have been a
>>blessing, considering some of my Mom's cooking...Margaret
>We must be related, the only thing good about my mom's cooking was that it
>was free. It is chilly with lots of sunshine here today. Light frost on the
>punkin this morning, hope it's the last of the winter for us. Weatherman
>forecasting 60F today and clear skies for next several days.
>Pinetree sent me an email yesterday stating that they had received my order
>and would ship one week AFTER they got power back. Forgot they were in
>Maine, may have to cancel and order elsewhere if I want to get plants
>started soon.
A friend reached them by telephone the other day.  They're working in
parkas and mittens, using flashlights.  Owner has power at home, he's
taking handwritten orders home to enter on his computer, and they're trying
to fill some orders by flashlight.  Miserable situation.  

OTOH, George, it may be affecting some less than admirable people, too.
<BSEG>  Margaret