Re: [gardeners]Cabbage Loopers [was: Seeds]

jaime (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 12:45:36 -0400

Marianne Lepa <> wrote:

> A commercial organic grower of my aquaintance has experimented with all
> sorts of repellants for brassica pests. According to him, unless there is
> some sort of a trap crop available, then scents simply won't be strong
> enough to keep the moths away. He says the only surefire way to keep the
> pests out of the brassicas is row covers. He special orders a 400 count
> muslin to use for row covers because the spun ones contain plastic! (And I
> thought I was pure...)

Just when I think I know what is meant by organic someone or 
other comes along and surprises me.  This is also what concerns 
the hell out of me about the Federal Organic Certification 
Program (as opposed to state certifications).  

I have to ask:  what is the problem with using some plastic in 
the spun row covers?  

Frankly, I can't imagine what other effects that density of 
muslin would have, like shading the plants and blocking air 

I am using standard row covers and so far, the state organic 
cert folks haven't complained about it.