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>> I, for one, would like for the Skids to repeat it publicly.  They have been
>> active on rec. gardens, not the lists to which I subscribe.  Since I "moved
>> on up" to Netscape IV, I haven't been able to find the newsgroups on this
>> "new and improved" @#$%^& program.  Margaret
>Margaret, I haven't upgraded to 4.0.  I wanted to wait until 
>more of the bugs have been uncovered since I've had such a 
>nightmarish time with 3.0 on one of my computers.  However, 
>from the research I've done, I believe they have unbundled the 
>browser, newsreader and mail.   You probably can't find the 
>newsreader because it ain't dere.   Tucows has a couple very 
>nice, easy-to-use newsreaders.  Or you could buy Netscape's, 
>which I actually think is really good, especially if you don't 
>post a lot.  I think you can download it & pay for it online.