[gardeners] In the garden - Saturday

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 20:38:54

Miz Anne and I yanked out three big azaleas and 5 little upstarts this
afternoon using the Dodge and a doubled half-inch rope. We drug them up on
the hill and artistically placed them between the east fence and the red
oak. Gives us another 3 X 60 foot area that gets full sun on the west
fence. Looks like that will be where my chiles and tomatoes go next month.

Harvested the last of the cauliflower and a large mess of broccoli, the
side sprouts after cutting the main head, also picked a mess of chard to
have with our dinner along with the lettuce/radish/carrot salad and some
venison. Put on a pot of vegetable/turkey soup for tomorrow - lots of
different beans and peas, carrots, corn, sweet pepper, shallots, garlic,
onion, and some New Zealand spinach that I dehydrated last summer. Just
before we eat it I will add a little fresh sorrel and some fresh thyme. I
may have to cook that other bargain turkey I have in the freezer, only have
about a gallon of turkey stock left in there. Never waste a good bird
carcass I always say.

The seed flats are soaking in water overnight and will plant 72 2 inch
tomorrow along with about 50 3 inch and a "bunch" of 4 inch starter pots.
Looking at some Thai hots seed an old military friend brought in from
Thailand a few months ago as a base for this years hot sauce. May smooth it
out with some anchos or pasilla. Miz Anne is looking forward to the
Cubanelles and the Yellow Pear tomatoes. She dearly loves them little
yellow maters, tends to pick a shirt pocket full and then eat them as she
wanders about the gardens. Anxiously awaiting the arrival of the store
bought seeds, hopefully most will be here early next week.

Hope all are enjoying their weekend and staying warm. It will be in the
mid-thirties F here again tonight rising into the high fifties again
tomorrow. Beautiful sunshine and low humidity, a rarity here in SW
Louisiana. Good night friends, life is good.

George, Anne, and Sleepy Dawg