Re: [gardeners] Smuggling plants

George Shirley (
Thu, 29 Jan 1998 19:45:57

At 07:14 PM 1/29/98 -0600, you wrote:
>I have to confess to having smuggled a few plants into the U.s. - the one
>time was a pomegranite cutting from Italy.  Guess seeds from Kenya wouldn't
>count, would they?  That is one of the more frustrating things for us and
>traveling is not to be able to bring home some of the plants.
>	our host for our week stay in Sommerset last summer said if we washed all
>the soil off the roots, we could carry them home with us.  We didn't try to
>take any plants back, however, because we had another 9 days in Scotland.
>Do you all know if this is so?  
>Barb Rothenberger
>Columbia, Mo,
In early 1987 I ordered about 200 native orchids from my old supplier
outside Bangkok. Had a phyto-sanitary certificate and all. APHIS torched
them in Hawaii on the way through. Sent me a nice note that they had done
it and that the certificate was suspect. Shucks, Mr. Chou was probably the
ONLY grower in Thailand that used an honest inspector. Decided I didn't
want to grow orchids any more.