[gardeners] Seeds and such (warning, long and rambling)

Cynthia Mayeaux (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 31 Jan 1998 06:14:56 -0500

Hi, I've been reading everyone's plans for this growing season and found
myself wanting to blather on about what's rattling around in my demented

First, I want to post a list of seeds I have an abundance of...if anyone
wants anything just let me know, I'll send them out first come fist served
until they are all gone :-)
(Even with all the seeds I have, I've been ordering tons more).

Bachelor Button, blue
Borage, blue
Calendula, yelow, orange
Cosmo, pink, white
Datura,	white
Gallardia, yellow, red
Grape Hyacinth, purple
Marigolds, yellow, orange, mix ,short
Marigolds, yellow, orange, tall
Marigolds, Pom-Pom yellow, tall
Melampodium, orange (cosmo's)
Musk Mallow, pink (invasive)
Nicotiana, white
Zinnia, mix colors

Don't be shy, I've got so many of these seeds, most of them will go to
waste if I don't give them away!

I've got big plans for this spring... I am going to put in a knot garden.
I've already committed myself, (pun intended, as I probably should commit
myself for planning such a labor intensive garden area) and ordered 120
starts of Lavender Munstead and 120 starts of Artemesia Silver Mound from
Richter's.  Now all I have to do is decide on a pattern.  <g>

I'm also going to put in a "Junk Bed".  a small 2' x 15' bed around my
deck, the color theme is going to be orange and purple and the junk will be
old yard sale finds planted amongst the flowers and hanging from the
lattice work.  I have a bunch of cast iron trivets, spoons and forks, an
aluminum ice bucket, a few pots and pans, lanterns...etc...you get the
idea... I've wanted a tacky yard art area for awhile and look forward to
getting it going.

I'm also planning a perennial/annual mixed border in my front yard, 6' x
60'...I'll have a large area of dwarf sunflowers surrounding my Black
Knight Buddleia, some tall grasses bordering the driveway.  I'm going to
put in some white bush roses, and have my Jackmanni Clematis climbing
through and over it.  Some herbs, and other purple, blue and white flowers.
 Of course it will be a period of a few years before I actually get
everything into this area that I want, money constraints always have a way
of slowing down my passions.

In my cutting garden this year, I am going to put in a few veges instead of
all flowers.  I'm also going to try a bean tent.  My neighbor did one last
year and it was beautiful.  Everyone says they do it for the kids, but I'll
be honest... I'm gonna make it wide enough at the base so I can sit inside
of it (don't say a thing Harmon;-), the heck with the kids, I'll appreciate
it more and I think I have a much wilder imagination!

I won't even go into the seeds I have on order...I'm outta my mind...even
though this winter hasn't been a hard one, I still can't wait to dig in and
get my hands dirty, I'll be starting seeds under lights in another month,
and hopefully that will help some.


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