[gardeners] Waxing philosophic or, whatever!

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 03 Feb 1998 21:22:03

It's a little after 9 pm CST and me and the pup are hacking away. Well, I
am, she's snoozing on my foot. Miz Anne's working on a painting that was
commissioned a few days ago and we're all kinda tired.

The plants on my light stand, which is here in my office, are "shoosting"
up to the sky with the promise of a bumper crop. I had never paid that much
attention to how fast these little seeds can grow a pretty good sized plant
before. Probably because this is the first time in more than 25 years I've
bothered to start my own seeds. The squash and the cukes seem to be growing
about an inch a day. I have to raise the light over them every morning as
they seem to sneak up a bit when it's dark. Five different tomatoes are up
and doing well and I'm still waiting on the eggplant to pop through. The
Hawaiian Tabasco chiles have been up for two days while the other 7
varieties are still lying doggo. I'm learning as I go (with the help of Kay
Lancasters excellent treatise on starting 'maters and help from others on
this list and others) and realize that next time I don't mix fast sprouters
with slow starters. Also need two more light fixtures which I'll get at
Wally World tomorrow.

We got some more liriope yanked out today and the next door neighbor, the
one we're friendly with, asked for it and got it. A #3 washtub full of
monkey grass, for you urbanites a #3 washtub hold almost two bushels. Now
we've got to give away the 4 foot diameter kids pool full of it that's on
the patio. We both realized that the only way you could see the low-growing
annuals in the front bed was to walk up to the house so we're making it
easier for passers-by to admire our swankienda and it's plantings.

Tomorrow we yank out the green beans, they've finally had it after bearing
since October. The fava's are about 4.5 feet tall, covered with blooms and,
today, I noticed a number of beans(peas), some about ready to pick. I guess
they are, anybody know when favas are ready to eat? This is the first time
we've ever grown them and the ones we ate in Saudi came in a can from
Switzerland. Gotta get started doing something with the cabbage, noticed a
head today that must weigh 20 lbs. Reckon I'll put up a mess of sauerkraut
for miner hausfrau.

Weird winter, very mild as the volunteer papayas are still going and, even
with the warmth, we've had very little insect problems. Have we reached
equilibrium in our semi-organic efforts or are the little buggers (pun
intended) lying low and waiting for warm weather to devastate our crops.

Thoughts are getting fuzzy, must be my bedtime, so good night friends. Life
is good.

George, Anne, and Sleepy