Re: [gardeners] Spring?

Jane Burdekin (
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 20:43:20 -0700

Sounds good George, I'm glad you like the mantis.  It does beat a shovel
for big jobs.  Jane 

> Miz Anne, me,  and Sleepy Dawg spent a good part of the afternoon basking
> in the sun today. Beautiful clear, cool, sunshiny day in SW Louisiana,
> to rare. True to form tomorrow is forecast for cloudy and rain. Noted
> the sweetgum tree on the neighbors lot is budding out and the red maples
> have young leaves too. Our blueberries are blooming so have to feed them
> soon. The azaleas are moving into full bloom and the brassicas are
> It must be an early spring!!
> We yanked out the broccoli, harvesting the last few florets, and the
> beans, badly frost-bitten they were but still enough beans for one last
> meal. Will be at the VA Clinic most of tomorrow but will continue yanking
> the winter crops on Saturday and adding them to the compost heap. 
> Tilled a small part of the main garden with the new Mantis tiller and I
> think I like it. Takes a little getting used to but other than that works
> as advertised. Starting ripping the grass out of what will be an herb bed
> and the Mantis was good at that. Two more azaleas to move and I will be
> ready to start laying stone, brick, and whatever else is available for
> George