[gardeners] What would you do?

Terry King (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 17 Feb 98 10:13:32 -0600

I'm in a quandry here.  I have 4 roses in 5 gal pots that I didn't get planted 
last summer.  I've over wintered them in my cool room at about 35 degrees.  
They have now broken dormancy and are showing new growth.  It won't be 
warm enough for them outside for at least 2 months. It been getting down to 
around 20F at night and only up to 35F during the day.  I'm not sure what to do 
with them because its too dark for them in the cool room to continue to grow.  
Should I wrap them up and put them out side in a very protected place, install 
grow lights in my cool room????  Any ideas would be much appreciated!
Terry King                  North Central Eastern Washington
taeking@televar.com        USDA zone 4, Sunset Zone 1