Re: [gardeners] Horseradish and potatoes?

Margaret Lauterbach (
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 07:52:52 -0700

At 10:09 PM 2/19/98 +0000, you wrote:
>I have got a huge bunch of horseradish roots that desperately need to get 
>planted pronto. Ditto a huge amount of potatoes that have already been 
>chitted. I read that horseradish supposedly helps protect from potato 
>blight. Anybody had any experience planting them in close proximity? I 
>have some 4-square raised beds that are ready to plant and the height of 
>the horseradish at the back of the beds would make (maybe) and interesting 
>"hedge" of sorts. Also would be easier to keep them from invading other 
>areas if planted in these particular beds. What say you guys?
>Catharine/Atlanta, zone 7b
One of my closest friends has a small herb nursery in Boise, and I just
finished proofreading her catalog.  She claims (I don't know her source)
that horseradish planted at the end of the potato rows repels potato
beetles.  So, FWIW, now you have it from the horse's mouth or another end.
Plant them with your spuds, but when you dig that horseradish, make sure
you remove the whole root, or else you'll have horseradish forever.  

I've read that one of Oprah's favorite dishes is potatoes mashed with
horseradish.  Have you ever prepared that dish?  How much
horseradish/potato would you use?  

Have worked my way up to red tomatoes in the SSE yearbook.  Have to go
through it three or four times, to eliminate most (if not all) of the
potato-leaved varieties , or at least reconsider them, then to consolidate
requests so I can send checks to x individuals instead of dollars to a
hundred folk.  Now Bailes has his site advertising chile seeds.  Can't
ignore that.  Best, Margaret