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Terry King (
Fri, 20 Feb 98 21:38:28 -0600

On Fri, 20 Feb 1998 17:03:32, George Shirley wrote:

>Just put up 15 pints of carrots after cleaning up one little portion of the
>garden. Put up about 1.5 lbs in the fridge to eat raw and pressure cooked
>the rest except for a good bit that went into a slaw. New batch of carrot
>seed goes in the ground tomorrow.
>A question. I have a 3-gallon crock full of kraut sauering or whatever the
>word is, has been on eight days today. Gonna make a batch of Thai spring
>rolls tomorrow and freeze them. Make handy snacks when we come in after a
>long day. What in the world else am I gonna do with the other 9 or 10 heads
>of Savoy cabbage that are out there grinning at me? Anybody got any ideas
>on how to preserve cabbage other than sauerkraut, spring rolls, or
>freezing. Froze some last year and it was nasty when thawed, went straight
>to the compost. Would like to keep some of it to eat later but can always
>give it to the food bank if necessary.
>He'p, he'p.

Savoy cabbage, like Napa cabbage?  It makes great green salads, just use a 
vinagrette dressing.  If you have a cool damp place it should last then do 
another batch of kraut and can it when its done. You could use it in a picallili 
(sp?) when the kraut is done.  How about making big batches of borscht and/or 
minestrone soup then freezing? You could make pico de gallo, aka mexican 
coleslaw.  Finally, how about corn beef and cabbage if you rinse a lot of the 
salt out of the corned beef?

I'll try to think of more ways to use cabbage.

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