Re: [gardeners] Sunday gardening

George Shirley (
Mon, 02 Mar 1998 12:56:34

At 06:37 AM 3/2/98 -0700, you wrote:
>At 08:40 PM 3/1/98, you wrote:
>>Put the nylon netting up on the t-posts this am and almost immediately
>>planted the cucuzzi, spaghetti, cushaw, butternut, and green tint squashes.
>>Got 24 foot of squash planted. I think the squash borers are laying low
>>waiting for me to turn my back. Tilled that spot every two days for a week
>>seeing if I could turn up grubs of any sort. It worked, got some kind of
>>dirty brown larvae out of there, about 10 of them. Squished them good,
>>(insert maniacal laughter here). Put the cukes out too, opposite side of
>>the garden. One cuke plant planted between two almost mature garlic plants.
>>Of course I put out 8 cukes all told. Repotted the tomatoes into 4 inch
>>pots with some osomcote fertilizer, I want them to stay inside under the
>>lights for another 2 or 3 weeks. The chiles are coming along fine and will
>>be repotted tomorrow plus some more seeds started.
>>Beautiful day here in SW Louisiana, a little on the cool side but lots of
>>sunshine. The pup laid on the grass and snoozed while we worked in the
>>garden. Miz Anne transplanted her elder berry plants from between our house
>>and the neighbors and put them where they will get some more sun. Her newly
>>laid compost heap was lightly steaming this morning at dawn. Should be well
>>heated by tomorrow and we will turn it in six more days. Five day forecast
>>calls for warm and overcast so the new plants and transplants should do
>>George, Anne, and Sleepy
>George, your cucuzzi will have to climb on something, or did you somehow
>find a bush type?  No, i don't see how a bush could grow baseball bats.
It's planted on the netting too Margaret. Since I'm gonna eat it I decided
it's a squash. ;-)