Re: [gardeners] Darn, darn, darn

Cynthia Mayeaux (
Wed, 11 Mar 1998 05:50:56 -0500

At 07:36 PM 3/10/98, you wrote:
>Weather folks are saying 32F tonight followed by 31F tomorrow night.
> If you need to replace your seeds from flooding, mudslides, whatever, let
me know,
>I have spare seeds and will share with you.
>My sympathies to you and others who have stuff set out.  I got hit pretty
hard way up here in Michigan, but haven't lost new seedlings.  I may lose
some perrenials.  I had crocus opened and many other bulbs sprouting, some
of my bushes were getting new growth too.  I'm hoping the foot of snow we
got the first night will protect them, as the cold weather held off until
the snow came down.

We got hit so hard so fast it is a real mess.  They were closing business'
right and left, even my office closed down, and they have not done that in
the twentysome years they've been in existence.  It was panic
city...reminded me of being down south where a bit of snow causes everyone
to end up in the ditch.  We  Northerners are usually hardier than that, but
we've been lulled into complacency with this mild winter. 

We have lost many mature trees to this storm.  There will be lots of lovely
mulch for the taking as the county hauls away and chips up the debris.

If anyone needs annual flower seeds let me know, I have many to share, not
much in the way of veggies tho.  I do have up for grabs about a half dozen
bird house gourd seeds if anyone wants.

Cynthia (thinking warm thoughts and taking a double dose of St. Johns Wort
today <g>)

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