[gardeners] Glorious Spring

Liz Albrook (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 11 Mar 1998 17:49:20 +0000

Today we had incredible weather -- the sort of day that one dreams 
about in the gray of winter.  The temperature soared into the 
mid-sixties pressing people and plants to shake off the winter 
doldrums.  Everyone on our block that worked raced home at the end of 
the day to putter around in the garden or tidy up the lawn.  Those of 
us who sit home eating bonbons while watching soaps all day spent the 
day roaming up and down the street in an unofficial spring garden 
party.  A few weeds were pulled and the last bit of "gee, I was going 
to do that in October" work was finished.  

Two falls ago I planted a circle of crocus about 3 feet in diameter 
in the lawn in front of the house where we had a tree stump ground 
out.  Last year it looked "okay".  This year it's literally stopping 
traffic!  The grass has filled in the circle and is a nice shade of 
green and the crocus have multiplied.  I think that this fall I'll 
take up a few strips of grass and toss out more crocuses.  These are 
all giant crocuses planted in pie slices of color -- white, purple, 
yellow and the pickwick purple and white stripes.

Over in the side bed are the blue pearl crocuses and they have put on 
quite a show again this year.  They've doubled in the year they've 
been in the ground -- I really should dig them and divide them this 
fall.  They are still my favorites but require a bit of quiet 
contemplation in order to be appreciated -- something that isn't true 
of there larger relatives.  There is a subtle, sophisticated beauty 
about these tiny flowers.  They have a unique, ethereal glow -- 
almost as if someone made champagne glasses of translucent mother of 
pearl and set them on a light table.  The thin, brilliant yellow 
cross inside is the perfect contrasting note.  I sat on the ground 
near them and really looked at their beauty today.  They're time is 
almost over now and I will miss them when they are gone.

There's a double flowering plum blooming somewhere  behind my house.
At unexpected moments the scent would be carried to my nose.  Plum 
blossoms are among my most favorite scents -- this counted as a real 

I hope you guys are having or will soon have one of these perfect 
days.  Today was a 10.3.  I'll take it.