[gardeners] What's getting planted

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 21 Mar 1998 10:31:11

The new herb garden gets planted today, just waiting for the wind to die a
bit. Gonna plant from seed:

Florence and bronze fennel 		an edible malva and an edible amaranth
onion chives				Rubin basil
Mammoth basil				Dill, Dukat and fern leaf
epazote					Winter savory
valerian				borage
English thyme				leaf celery
hyssop					lavender

Rosemary - Tuscan blue			Rosemary - Arp
salad burnet				Greek and Spanish oregano
French thyme				French tarragon
Mexican mint marigold			sage
chives					leaf celery	
commercial ginger			garlic

Gotta repot the bay tree, it's grown about 4 inches over the winter and
needs a larger pot. Also successfully rooted a cutting from the Tuscan blue
Rosemary and it will get it's own pot today. I'm thinking of making it into
a bonsai. Also have Jicama and Chinese yam to plant out by the west fence
in an out-of-the-way place. If my sunchokes come in today they too will get

The main veggie garden is ready to plant and many things will go in today.
Probably will plant: green beans, crowder peas, corn, radish, etc from
seeds and set out the chiles and tomatoes that have been started under the
lights and then moved to the greenhouse. They have been hardened off by the
simple expedient of opening the greenhouse a few hours each day and then
lengthening that time as we go. Would you believe the Tumbler tomatoes in
the hanging baskets are in full bloom? With any luck we will have tomatoes
by mid-May. Well, we really already have tomatoes. A single Heatwave II
tomato survived the mild winter and has four tomatoes the size of golf
balls on it already. Also had a mild chile and three serrano plants that
made it through the winter and they are in full bloom.

The elephant garlic and the stiff neck are growing like veritable weeds and
by July should be ready to dig. The shallots will be pulled very soon,
maybe tomorrow, and then new sets dug in. I may put them in the herb garden
in various places. 

Miz Anne has a world of nicotiana alata seed up under the lights along with
coral lily and veronica. The Shirley poppies that reseeded from last spring
are growing well and may even get a chance to bloom if spring continues
cool. The torenias are coming up and the viola's are blooming a few at a
time. The daffs, crocus, and snow bells are about done and the African
amaryllis have huge buds on them already.

My friends, life is good in SW Louisiana and with the Shirley family. May
your weekend be as good.