[gardeners] Nursery visit

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 19:22:07

Miz Anne and I went to the local nursery today just to see what was new.
Found they had fragrant "old" roses so we went around smelling them. Some
were quite nice and some weren't so nice. Think I'll stick to rose rustling.

Did find and purchase a small French Lavender, a nice tricolor sage,
feverfew, and a sweet woodruff that Anne wanted to replace the one that
died. Got a nice German chamomile and then some chamomile and nasturtium
seed. I think I may be able to get chamomile to live in the new herb
garden. It's high and dry whereas the front flower bed gets wet and stays
that way for a few days in a heavy rain. Luckily we made it out of the
nursery for less than 30 bucks so I guess it was a good visit. I looked at
the stone they are selling, $3.47 a lb!!!! Guess my new wall gets built out
of someone's slab that's being jack hammered up. Whole lot cheaper, like free.

Didn't plant again today, winds up to 40 mph in gusts and sustained at
10-20 mph. Blew a #3 washtub off the carport wall and rolled it around the
yard for awhile. Scared the pup pretty bad when she saw it coming at her.
Hit that doggy door doing about 80 and stayed on my lap for a bit. Anne's
off to some gallery show and the pup and I are contemplating a pre-bedtime
nap in the easy chair. Gardening's hard work, even when you're shopping for