[gardeners] Saturday in the Garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 28 Mar 1998 20:28:20

Miz Anne and I started about 10am working outside. While she was finishing
some art work for an upcoming show I was transplanting the herbs that have
been in pots for a couple of years. Set out my original rosemary bush and I
swear I heard it sigh after I took the to small pot off of its feet. The
sage, finally got one to live more than a year, went in a little to the
north and east of the rosemary and looks good. To make a long story short,
I came in at 6:30 this evening, wondering why my feet and legs ached. 

The amazing part is that I ate a very light lunch at 11 am and had no blood
glucose problems all day. Remembered to test just before I had my dinner
and was at 80. It's amazing because I generally run around 150 and often go
hypoglycemic when I forget to eat. Reckon it was because I was enjoying
myself and taking frequent breaks and drinking lots of water.

The herb garden is complete for this stage. We also took the "greenhouse"
apart and stored the components until fall. The two potting benches that
are the main component of our "greenhouse" went to opposing walls on the
patio, one in full sun from 9 AM to 12 noon and the other in full sun from
12 noon until about 4 PM. Both get plenty of reflected light so plants do
well in both places. MY potting bench is full of herbs again as I
transplanted mucho Puerto Rican oregano and Greek oregano into 2 inch pots
for a sale coming up in a week. Miz Anne has about 40 4 inch pots of
various plants ready to go also. Tomorrow I will pot up some other herbs I
have in abundance into some 2 and 3 inch nursery pots I have. Oh yeah, the
rosemary "Tuscan Blue" branch I stuck in a pot to root last summer got a
bigger pot today, it had grown almost 14 inches over the winter. I think I
will start some more when it warms up a bit more. Also discovered 5 more
small French tarragon plants in the big pot. They now reside in somewhat
smaller pots and, hopefully, will grow up to be big tarragons.

This has been a really good day and the three of us, Miz Anne, me, and the
pupdog, are all pooped but feeling well. May your days be as joyful. Life
is good.