Re: [gardeners] Herb garden

George Shirley (
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 17:00:44

At 11:21 AM 3/31/98 -0500, you wrote:
>> It's a good thing we're on a diet. No room in the
>>Sounds like you need a second refrigerator, Cheryl! That's what we did -
>>saved our old one when we got a new one many many years ago.  Great for
>>stratification of seeds, chilling bulbs, storing seed, I keep my
>>professional film in it - oh, of course, some beer.
>Duh..we have another refrigerator. It's outside, under the barn overhang.
>We only plug it in for the annual BBQ and I just never thought about using
>it. Yeah! Forced tulips, irises, crocuses. Endless seeds, planted and dry,
>Be still my heart! Thanks, Barb! Can't believe it never entered my mind.
>Well, yes I can, too. Cheryl
>It had been in the 70's and 80's around here for nearly a week and I'm
>afraid to think what's going to happen to everything in the next six weeks,
>lest by some miracle there is no frost. My pulmonaria are in bloom, the
>scilla, chinodoxa, and crocuses are in full bloom. First daffs today, the
>forsythia is in full bloom - fully 6 weeks early for us.
>Cheryl Schaefer
>Zone 5 in the fabulous Finger Lakes of NY
How about your iris? Our Louisiana beardless, bronze, lavender, purple, and
yellow are in full bloom. The bearded iris haven't started yet but we have
purple, white with lavender throat and, now, a pure white one we got from a
neighbor. The large red African amaryllis are going gangbusters. One plant
has put up 4 bloom stalks with 4 or 5 buds on each. The first opened two
days ago and the blooms were 7 inches across.

While I was between meetings today I drove through a nearby small town's
residential area. Two homes, side by side, had what appeared to be 1000 or
more bright orange amaryllis all in bloom at once. It was startling to say
the least. The azaleas are fading out, the wisterias are in full bloom, and
the forsythia is starting to bloom. Damn I love spring.