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George Shirley (
Thu, 09 Apr 1998 05:08:41

At 10:07 PM 4/8/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>By the way, how long does it take for Chinese Yam to come up? I'm getting
>>worried that the blankety-blank squirrels might have gotten them when
>>Sleepy Dawg wasn't on duty.
>That may be it George.  My squirrels are all very glad that I planted
>this year  :-(  They got every last one of them.  They didn't miss not a
>Good thing potatoes are cheap  :-).  My peas are doing nicely, and I'm
>to be eating some soon!  I haven't even planted my tomatoes yet.  I'm
>farther and farther behind.
>I did get some goodness today though.  We had a family with two particularly
>mean little boys move near us recently.  They fly the bird as often as they
>and have told me to kiss their ass on more than one occasion.  THey have
>made it their job to make life difficult for my youngest child.  We opened
>the pool
>this weekend, and got the children a trampoline to play on.  Needless to
>say, our
>house has been the place to play this week.  The oldest, meanest boy had
>to come over and take over the trampoline, but I explained to him politely,
>firmly that he could not come over to play until he could applogise to me,
>and we
>could have a talk.  Today, first the youngest one came over and appologised
>we had a discussion about playing nicely, no cursing, respecting the adults,
>and that
>I and my husband are the bosses in our yard, and everyone had to play by our
>rules at our house.  No problem.  A couple of hours later, the older one
>came over
>with a tad more attitude, but also agreed to the terms!
>I'd much rather get along with the kids in the neighborhood, as they will be
>all summer.  We actually got quite a dialog going, as one of them was very
>that I was a nurse and was actually digging in the dirt!  I was planting a
>few things
>near the trampoline, and talking with the children.
>Coastal NC
>Zone 8
>Sunset zone 31
Well, I would be surprised too. I thought you just sat on the ground to
test temperatures. <BSEG>