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Thu, 09 Apr 1998 22:43:03 -0400

At 10:23 PM 09-04-98, you wrote:
>Hi everyone. It's awfully nice to see all the familiar names on this
>list!!! Liz asked about snapdragons. Liz, I've had snapdragons survive the
>WINTER here in Zone 6, Lexington, KY. I'm not kidding. I think temps would
>have to get AWFULLY low this spring to kill them.

Liz, besides snaps, why not stock?  They're even tougher, I think.  Hard to
say anything for sure this year; the weather has been so crazy.

At least it's spring.  Except for Harmon, who is about to have fall.
What's the soil temperature down there, John?  Testing all the time like a
good scientific type I'll bet.