[gardeners] Lunch today

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 13:11:26

Since it is Good Friday today and a no-meat day for Miz Anne I fixed my
world (well locally anyway) famous tuna salad. Lots of Texas 1015Y sweet
onion, homemade pickle relish, chopped black olives, dash cayenne and a
dash black pepper, chopped hard-boiled eggs, hot mustard, fat-free salad
dressing. Surprise ingredients on this batch were the freshly picked and
chopped salad burnet (cucumber taste), leaf celery, and French tarragon.
Put this mixture on some toasted jalapeno/cheese bread and topped with
sharp cheddar cheese then under the broiler to make tuna melts. Topped off
with a glass of unsweetened mint tea and followed by a half grapefruit each
(Texas Ruby Red naturally). Damn, I'm good at tossing stuff together. Would
have liked some lettuce to go with but the last of the late lettuce is
bolting and bitter and the new stuff isn't big enough yet. Tonight we will
have broiled cod fillets with tarragon butter and lemon juice, some dilly
beans and a few carrots, a good fast day meal. 

Sunday we will be at our daughters place in Texas were she promises
barbecued ham, baked beans, two different pies, and all the tea we can
drink. I'm taking the half whole wheat bread the grandkids like and my own
design potato salad. I design it by what I have on hand at the time and no
one has complained yet. I do love holidays.