Re: [gardeners] Lunch today

George Shirley (
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 16:34:08

At 03:07 PM 4/10/98 -0600, you wrote:
>>>Sounds good, George.  You sound like a friend who cautions people not to
>>>ask for the recipe, because "freezer soup" is an old family secret.
>>I'm rated a top notch cook by those who consume my grub and once, when I
>>had a restaurant, was rated a top rate chef by the Houston Chronicle.
>>Several people have suggested that I write a cookbook but then I would have
>>to write down all the ingredients and amounts thereof. No fun in that, I
>>cook by the by guess and by golly method. Do admit to a few failures. The
>>blue creamed corn didn't work, kinda looked like an airline barf bag. Made
>>some hummos once that I colored Irish green with food coloring, tasted okay
>>but had a sad effect on some people, they turned the same color when they
>>saw it. I forgot the first rule of living in the Middle East, "Never eat
>>anything green." You should try my Mexican tuna salad, made with Nopales,
>>black olives, and a little salsa. Actually tastes quite good as long as you
>>remember to rinse the nopales several times.
>George, what does eating nopales do to your blood sugar?  Native
>Seeds/SEARCH is trying to get southwestern native Americans to resume
>eating native foods, such as nopales, chia and other glutinous foods,
>thinking that the slower digestion of those foods may have something to do
>with diabetes. Few pre-WWII southwestern natives apparently had diabetes,
>postwar the incidence of diabetes  among those people reached ghastly high
>proportions, and their food preferences had turned to fast foods and other
>white man's foods.  Margaret
As far as I can tell, nopales do nothing to my blood sugar. As a type II
diabetic I have pretty good luck with slow absorption carbs. Even rice
doesn't affect me that much if I don't eat more than 1/2 cup at a time.