[gardeners] Saturday, and Sunday too

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 11 Apr 1998 20:17:38

Miz Anne was at the church from 0800 till 1400 today decorating for
tomorrow. After she got home and had a nice samich and some of my dill
pickles she joined Sleepy Dawg and I in the gardens. We were watering
everything in preparation for the trip to the daughters place tomorrow
morning. Well, I watered and Sleepy guarded me from squirrels and grackles
by lying in the shade and keeping one eye half open.

We did a little weeding too. One of the disadvantages of year-around
gardening is year-around weeds. Someone eons ago planted Wandering Jew
along the back fence here and we are still pulling it out by the wheel
barrow load. That's in addition to the wild cucumber, wild morning glory,
and dollar weed. I am happy to report that my raspberries are blooming.
Since they were just planted in Februrary I don't really expect a large
crop. The blueberries are setting fruit or are already heading toward
ripening. I have 3 varieties that ripen in late April, late May, and June.
The Ponderosa lemon tree had to have its fruit thinned. To many on each
limb and those suckers can get BIG. They're about thumb-sized on average
now and I decided it was time for the thinning of the lemons ceremony. 

The herb garden is looking good, even the valerian is coming up. The
chamomile is getting bigger and thicker every day and the basils are
growing apace. Another week and I will be thinning the fennels, well maybe
2 weeks, that way I can save the transplants.

We potted up a bunch of nicotiana alata into 2 inch peat pots. They were
originally seeded and had been growing in half a styrofoam carryout
container. (Waste not, want not) Twenty or so were set alongside the front
walk to make the approach to the house smell more of flowers than the horse
puckey we fertilized the hydrangeas with. Another twenty or so will go to
my daughters school to be planted in the flower beds around the elementary
building. The rest will be given away as favors at a plant sale that is
coming up at the church. I believe every seed came up and is growing a
healthy plant. Also potted up another batch of Greek oregano to sell at
that same plant sale. The oregano, along with peppermint, is always a good
seller for Miz Anne. 

I started another bunch of Lavender (Munstead) to see if I can get English
lavender to grow here. Since I put in the new herb garden I have an
elevated, fairly dry, full sun place to put it. Still intend to go up to
the nurseries north of here and search for a nice Spanish Lavender. A
friend saw one in a nursery last weekend but it was in a 5-gallon pot and
they wanted 20 bucks for it. She thought that was a bit much and didn't
want to get it for me. From the description I would have paid more, this
ain't no seedling, it's good sized.

Gonna shut down now, wash this tired body and shave the hairy face so my
granddaughter can hug my neck tomorrow. See y'all either late Sunday night
or early Monday morning. Have a happy holiday no matter what your
preferences are.