(Fwd) Re: [gardeners] Cement mixer?

Catharine Vinson (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 13 Apr 1998 00:47:48 +0000

Mother meant to send this to the list, methinks <bg>


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Catharine wrote:
> Yeup, motorized...electric, not gasoline powered. Not truck mounted. 
> Something that can be fixed to a stand and used in a potting shed. Big 
> enough to handle 3-5 cublic feet of soil mix.
A cement mixer? To mix dirt? Surely you jest!
But maybe I know where you got your inspiration! Or do you remember 
your grandmother's tenant, the "Bennie King of Los Angeles" who mixed 
his "chemicals" in a cement mixer? Until the Feds staked out the 
place from your grandmother's kitchen to "catch him in the act" -- 
Potting soil or pot, I guess it makes no difference to a cement 
mixer. Your Ma (AKA Pat).