Re: [gardeners] Birds (
Mon, 20 Apr 1998 07:38:56 -0400

George, congrats on the new grandkid.  

At 10:46 AM 19-04-98, you wrote:
>The neighbors bird feeder had a couple of exotics on it this morning. The
>Indigo Buntings are passing through and were feeding and a new species to
>add to my life list - Purple Finches! First time I've seen them although
>they are supposed to be indigenous to this area. Sparrow sized birds where
>the male has a raspberry colored flush to his head, shoulders, and stomach.
>The female looks similar to a sparrow except more slender. Just a pair of
>them but my first.

These are the residents almost all year in our garden, along with 2
cardinal couples, chickadees most of the time and lots of sparrows almost
all the time, save for the coldest weather.

We are now waiting for the grosbeaks to fly through, but it's such a
strange year I'm wondering if we've not been bypassed.  We seem to have
lots of woodpeckers this year, though.  Good.  Since it's been warm we'll
have lots of bugs this summer; the woodpeckers are as good as a
pre-emergent pesticide (I think that term applies only to weedkillers, but
oh well.).


>The sun came out! Looks like the rains are through for a few days. Have
>been out dumping excess water from some of the pot saucers and flats. Also
>picked up a small loquat tree that a friend had potted and didn't want. The
>seeds of the loquat that I planted haven't sprouted yet but if they do I
>shall have more loquat trees than I need. Oh well, the daughter can take
>the excess to her acreage.