[gardeners] Comfort food

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 25 Apr 1998 12:55:10

Getting everything ready to go to our son's place tomorrow. Called him and
asked if I could bring a meal as our other kid and her kids are gonna be
there too. He said "Gumbo, Pop," any kind of gumbo, even with okra in it
(he hates okra). Sooo, got about a gallon and a half of gumbo cooking. The
smell of it is making me and the pup both slobber down our fronts. Made
this one with a dark roux, chicken breasts, andouille sausage, turkey
tasso, lots of green onions, sweet 1015 onions, green/yellow/red bells,
cayenne, black pepper, gumbo file', garlic and a lotta love. Ma' non Cha! I
hunger yeah.

Got the sunchokes, aka Jerusalem artichokes, planted yesterday. Put them in
an area where they should grow unimpeded and not be in the way. Also put
another row of nylon net up as the crowder peas have started putting out
runners. Anybody got any recipes for sunchokes? About the only way I've
ever eaten them was raw. I'm sure there must be a zillion recipes out there
amongst you unrepentant hippies, and you know who you are. <VBG>

Gotta go stir the gumbo and adjust the seasonings.

George "Slobberjaws" Shirley